Friday, January 6, 2012

Luxury Limo Service in South Florida offers the Ride of Your Life

Are you taking a long flight to the South Florida area and want a limo to pick you up at the airport?

After a long flight spent cramped up in a plane with hundreds of passengers, you might want to travel in luxury, or just very comfortably, to your destination. Or maybe you just have 14 or less passengers or need a comfy van to drive you around. Riding in a luxury stretch limo, sedan, or van can make your experience that much better. Act 1, a limousine service with years of experience in taking passengers on a luxury rides, would be perfect once you get your jet-lagged self off that plane.

Also, if you're planning on taking a cruise through Port of Miami, Port of Palm Beach, or Port Everglades and want to make your experience that much more memorable by riding in a limo with a courteous and friendly chauffeur, then Act One Limousine has just what you need.

 We take pride in providing you with an excellent experience when you choose us as your limo service. Our chauffeurs are some of the nicest and professional in the business, and this just makes your limo experience that much better. After all, what is a fancy car ride if the driver doesn't treat you right or know how to get around?

Call Act 1 Limousine today and book your next luxury limo to or from any of the South Florida airports today! 855-272-7027


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